19 Jul, 2016


in the Eventide artist gallery!


30 Jan, 2016

Variety of Rhythm / documentation

My Variety of Rhythm piece is now launched on this new website www.VarietyOf.com

with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

also, I have a brand new music page on Facebook, where you can be updated on happenings regarding the Variety of- trilogy, solo works and other projects of mine. Welcome!


12 Jan, 2016

Manifest 2016

Variety of Live is nominated for Manifest 2016

24 Nov, 2015

Guitar Moderne

interview in the great zine Guitar Moderne !

7 Nov, 2015


for compact discs and vinyl (Orbit Stern) – please ask your local record dealer to send an order. Plugged distributes the (physical) records of BoogiePost.

also, most welcome to:

soundcloud for demos, some tracks from albums, raw mixes and more

bandcamp for digital albums


12 Oct, 2015

Variety of Live reviews

reviews of the Variety of Live album (will be updated):

All About Jazz

London Jazz News

Babyblaue Prog-Reviews

Nordische Musik


Uppsala Nya Tidning

Salt Peanuts


Universum Noll

The Progressive Aspect







25 Aug, 2015

Variety of Rhythm

while releasing the Variety of Live CD, I’m also working on my next project – a piece called Variety of Rhythm, featuring these fabulous musicians:
Dick Lövgren, bass
David Torn, guitar
Liesbeth Lambrecht, violin,
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, drums
Kumiko Takara, perc
Qarin Wikström, voice
Paulo Chagas, sax
Silvia Corda, misc
Adriano Orru, bass
Katrine Amsler, keys, programming
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
and myself
I will let you know more about this piece sooner than later!

15 Jul, 2015

in girum imus nocte ecce et consumimur igni

have a listen to this Bandcamp-only-release, based on sessions from upcoming album Variety of Live.
originally, this track was a 130 BPM 6/4 recorded live at Nefertiti, Gothenburg. Afterwards bass, drums and keys were added in 2/3 of the tempo (86,66…7 BPM) in 4/4 to bring a different 12/8 feel to it.