With a contemporary progressive outlook on guitar playing and a healthy sense of lack of respect, Samuel’s flexibility and openness has made him an in-demand musician and award winning bandleader.

Samuel’s unconventional approach to processing his guitar has gained him many admirers including ex-Japan keyboard player and synthesist Richard Barbieri. “I like the way Samuel ‘mangles’ his guitar sounds to produce the weirdest textures and glitches. His playing is always tasteful and integrated into the song – there’s no showiness or overplaying,” says Barbieri who contributed to Hällkvist’s 2015‘s, Variety Of Live.

In 2017, Samuel made telling contributions to trumpeter’s Yazz Ahmed’s acclaimed album, La Saboteuse and Isildurs Bane’s new record, featuring Marillion vocalist, Steve Hogarth, Colours Not Found In Nature. Hällkvist’s ability to comfortably operate within jazz, progressive rock, traditional music or pop has again won him the admiration of world-famous veterans of the music scene: Roxy Music’s Phil Manzanera, who worked with Hällkvist in 2012, says, “Samuel is a unique and very interesting guitarist. His use of sound and choice of notes puts him in a class of his own.”

“Samuel holds an utterly personal attitude towards the jazz tradition by putting his expression in focus. With jazz as discourse and practice, Samuel lets his influences and fancies run wild and free, seemingly without restraint; with unexpected and exciting results as consequence – however always very focused and very, very much Samuel.”

Jazz in Sweden is an award that Caprice Records and Concerts Sweden have been giving annually 1972-2010 to a young Swedish musician or group that gets to represent Swedish jazz, abroad as well as in Sweden.

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