12 Oct, 2015

Variety of Live reviews

reviews of the Variety of Live album (will be updated):

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25 Aug, 2015

Variety of Rhythm

while releasing the Variety of Live CD, I’m also working on my next project – a piece called Variety of Rhythm, featuring these fabulous musicians:
Dick Lövgren, bass
David Torn, guitar
Liesbeth Lambrecht, violin,
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, drums
Kumiko Takara, perc
Qarin Wikström, voice
Paulo Chagas, sax
Silvia Corda, misc
Adriano Orru, bass
Katrine Amsler, keys, programming
Luca Calabrese, trumpet
and myself
I will let you know more about this piece sooner than later!

15 Jul, 2015

in girum imus nocte ecce et consumimur igni

have a listen to this Bandcamp-only-release, based on sessions from upcoming album Variety of Live.
originally, this track was a 130 BPM 6/4 recorded live at Nefertiti, Gothenburg. Afterwards bass, drums and keys were added in 2/3 of the tempo (86,66…7 BPM) in 4/4 to bring a different 12/8 feel to it.

7 Feb, 2015

Variety of Live

new album with the Variety of Loud ensemble will be out august 28 (BoogiePost Rec).

Samuel Hällkvist – guitar
Guy Pratt – bass
Qarin Wikström – voice, keys
Pat Mastelotto – perc, drums
Stefan Pasborg – drums

with special guests

Richard Barbieri
Mocako Asano
Yazz Ahmed
Denys Baptiste
Yukiko Taniguchi

2 Oct, 2014


check out the Pigtronix gear – its great!

21 Aug, 2014

VoL in your radio

you can listen to the Variety of Loud (with Guy Pratt, Stefan Pasborg, Qarin Wikström and Pat Mastelotto) show from Nefertiti, Gothenburg online for free for some time on swedish national radio P2. Just click here. Our show starts around 1:37:30 in the program.


5 Jul, 2014


just got a couple of hand built fuzz and distortion boxes from KTW, Gävle, Sweden. If you play an amplified instrument I highly recommend you to get one too… they sound great! check out his website here

4 Feb, 2014

“If twang existed on another planet”

intergalactic Copenhagen based duo Orbit Stern just released the vinyl “Inde i Skoven, Ude i Byen” (also available digitally) –
we are on social media, if you’d like to follow us there. Otherwise just go to the website of ours. Cheers!

photo: Hanne Hvattum

photo: Hanne Hvattum